Koga Machine and Robotics Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of industrial automation equipment including tapping machines, cutting machines,
robotic systems and press processing machines.
We continue to develop and manufacture a wide variety of products to support our customers' production activities around the world.

Production examples

Production examples of our products as used by customers in various industries.


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Let us help to overcome your obstacles to meet your automation and labour saving needs.

On site solutions tailored for your business

Koga Machine and Robotics is a producer of high-quality robotic solutions and automated machines for pressing, cutting, tapping and quality control operations.

Our specialty is custom solutions for automation, designing and delivering labor saving and production streamlining technology.

On site solutions tailored for your business

On site solutions tailored for your business.
We will work with you to design and install automated quality control technology, assembly line automation, and labor saving technology into your existing facility.
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The CANTAP is a 3 axis gantry automatic tapping machine equipped with a Koga tap unit.
It is ideal for automation of tapping small parts, especially sheet metal products or goods that have been made in a press.
"KOGA ROBOT ROOM" is our showroom to display cutting-edge robots from multiple manufacturers.
Visitors and students who would like an introduction to modern robots are welcome to come and visit.
Visiting the show room is free but please contact us to make a reservation
Operating hours
Weekdays, 9:00-5:30 (Please note the show rooms is sometimes closed while we update the displays or take them to exhibitions.)
Street address
88-1 Imai, Mihara-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture

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Koga Machine and Robotics
Our expertise has been refined by designing and installing over 2000 custom machines. Trust Koga Machine and Robotics for high quality and competitive pricing.
Custom design is our specialty.


Breathe new life into your current machinery

ー Our experienced staff can overhaul and repair your existing machineryー
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We build the best automation system for your needs based on our extensive experience in the factory automation field.

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